Motorcycle Inspections

When everyone else in town says it'll be a week to get your bike inspected but you wanna ride now, roll on into All Lubed Up Cycles and roll out quickly. No appointment required. Inspections are performed between the hours of 10 am and 5:30 pm Tuesdays thru Fridays and 10 am to 4:30 pm on Saturdays. The cost is $10.

$3 Tires / $7 Battery


Light Installation
Headlights, Tail Lights, LED Lights, bring them yourself or let us order them for you. In most cases we can install them while you wait. Why not upgrade to an ultra bright CREE headlight or some cool LED accent lighting today!

All Lubed Up Cycles



$349.95 plus $60/hr installation fee


Primary Fluid Change
Includes: o-rings, gaskets, and your choice of fluid

Used Parts Department
Open now, our used parts store! Are you looking to save a little $$$, or maybe your looking for a hard to find part. Come in and check out our used and pre owned parts store. Many of our parts are still new in the box. Keep in mind that most of these parts are for Harley or chopper style motorcycles. We can even install most parts for you while you wait!

Minor Mechanical Repairs
Does your bike make a funny noise? Is it just not running like it once did? Why not take a ride in and let our friendly professionals take a look at it for you. We are sure you will ride away happy. Be aware that if parts are required, they will be added to the cost of repairs




$60 for front / $120 for rear

$150 rear-shaft drive

Disposal Fee
Not responsible for customer supplied tires!

All Three Fluid Changes
Motor, Primary, and Transmission
Includes: o-rings, gaskets, and your choice of fluids


$30 for front/ $30 for rear

Tires - Dismount and Mount Service
You supply the tire, we provide the service. Bring in your rim and tire and let our friendly staff change it for you. Be aware that there is a $3 fee per tire to dispose of your old tires in an environmentally safe way. Please note that there is an extra charge of $25 each if you do not purchase the tire from us.

Transmission Fluid Change
Includes: o-rings and your choice of fluid



Tuners & Installation
Here at All Lubed Up Cycles we like to provide our customers with the best and these tuners are it. These tuners are made by Tier 1 and provide increased performance and gas mileage as well as a two year manufacturor's warranty. If your bike is injected, you need one of these! The price of the tuner is $349.95 and installation is $50/hr. Come in and let our pros get that bike running the way it should be!

Battery Replacement
Bring in your battery or choose one from our selection and have us install it while you wait. There is a minimum 1 hour charge and most battery installations can be done in that time. We do charge a $7 battery disposal fee to dispose of your old battery properly.

T-shirts & "Lube Crew" Membership
Come in and purchase an All Lubed Up Cycles t-shirt and become a member of our "Lube Crew" for special discounts and offers. The second Wednesday of every month is Wacky Wednesday. Wear your shirt in and get $10 off parts and labor.

Single Bulb Change
plus cost of bulb

Tires - Removed and Replaced on Motorcycle
We can remove and replace your tires from your motorcycle for you. No need to get yourself dirty. Let us do the work. You can provide your own tire or we have a variety of suppliers and would be happy to assist in picking out the right tire for you and your ride. please note that we do have a $3 fee per tire to dispose of your old tires properly. Please note that there is an extra charge of $25 each if you do not purchase the tire from us.


Motor Oil Change
Includes: 3-4 qts oil, filters, o-rings
Please note: Certain metric bikes and specialty bikes such as BMW, Ducati, Triumph, and Moto-Guzzi, etc, require specialty filters. We recommend calling ahead for service on these bikes to check availability. 

Our Motorcycle Service Price List

Go through the price list below to find out how much the motorcycle services will cost you at All Lubed Up Cycles. We're a family owned business with over 20 years of experience. You'll be pleased to know that our owner works on all vehicles and provides personalized service on every job. Expect us to get the work done right the first time and deliver excellent service. For FREE estimates, call us at 636-244-2400 or visit 2600 S Old Hwy 94.


Stripped Out Bolt Removal
if its a pain in the ASS!


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